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Gain a more personal experience with airbnb. Learn about the destination and hosts before you arrive. Then join in and share your opinion.

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Choose the perfect destination for your next airbnb adventure. With over 192 countries to choose from, there truely is something for everyone. Find the top rated destinations for this week and watch video bloggers sharing their experience in these destinations.

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Here at airbnb we have a community based ideology. Therefore we believe in sharing our opinions on the experience in a airbnb. Find the top reviewers speak about their favourite airbnb's to stay in and also see the most watched reviews of the week.

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A good host is crucial to any enjoayble stay in an airbnb. We our renowned for a friendly hosts, who often go that little extra step to make your stay even more special. Thanks to the video blog you can see what our airbnb members think of our hosts and see the top rated hosts of the week.

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